Do you ever try to rest, but you just can’t?

Like you have to do a thousand things before you are allowed to?

You’re not alone. And there’s perfectly good reasons and solid science behind why that happens.

With so much going on around us this year, it seems like our bodies are ON all the time.

It’s like there are two settings: ON, and ON more, and we can’t seem to find our OFF button, even when it’s time to lay down and rest with a book, or play with our kids.

This year’s unprecedented events, distance from loved ones, work stress, and social media overwhelm have left  our bodies in a state of constant alarm, and it seems like there is nothing we can do about it.

The good news is our stress physiology has rules, and if you understand your body and nervous system and learn how to work with their nature, and not against it, you can help yourself recover and feel more like yourself, even when things around you are hard.

This is our highest possibility – to be gentle and honoring partners to our bodies.

I invite you to Sacred Rest Camp – a three day learning experience to help you find ease and peace in your body.

In the three hands on lessons you will:

  • Learn the science behind why resting can be so hard even when you are tired

  • Get tools and practices to regulate your nervous system anywhere, anytime

  • Experience deep and delicious states of rest during our practices

  • Quiet your mind, ease your strong emotions and settle your body without having to revisit the past

If you are ready to learn practices to balance your nervous system and help your body find the peace it longs for, you can enroll for free and get the details here.

Reclaim your body as a sacred place of rest.

See you in camp!