Peace with food is your birthright!

You already know that diets and nutrition programs are not the answer. When you’ve suffered your whole life in your relationship with food, the solution is calling you deeper. You can have peace with yourself and peace with food. You can be gentle with yourself and free in your body. You just need the right first step. I am so honored that you are ready to take it together!

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Peace with self peace with food is my 7 step method for healing your relationship with food and reclaiming peace with food as your sacred birthright.

Those steps are based on my work with the complex neurobiology of nervous system regulation, early childhood development and the deep wiring and longing for meaningful and safe human connection.

You can download chapter 9 of the book here! The book comes out February 14, 2022.

If the chapter speaks to your heart, please email me – I would love to hear from you!

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation

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