Peace with food is not only possible, it is your birthright. No matter how long you have suffered in your relationship with food, within yourself you hold the power to transform it. I am honored you are taking a step on the path to peace with food.

Meet Galina Denzel …

…and I am here to support you on your own healing path to peace with self and peace with food. As a trauma and movement specialist, my way of approaching our relationship with food is both mindful and bodyful, compassionate and transformative, grounded in science and realized in loving connection.

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Peace with self peace with food is my 5 step method for healing our relationship with food. Those five steps are based on the complex neurobiology of autonomic regulation, early childhood development and the deep wiring and longing for meaningful and safe human connection. You can download chapter 4 of the book here, as we wait for the book to be published in 2020.

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