“Jump in and join! Be ready for a fresh perspective with no shame or guilt. Galina is so kind and caring with invaluable knowledge. Healing happens in this kind of space and this is a great place to begin!”

Heidi Goodrow


“I gained so much knowledge of how our bodies work in relationship to stress and food, and why I often engage in emotional eating or just deprive my self of food all together. Galina presented the information in a very gentle and relatable way, which allowed me to have compassion for my self as I learned that my nervous system, stress level and emotions all have worked intricately together to create my current eating habits (as opposed to believing it was just about lack of self control). All the information I learned was very freeing for me.”

Monica Catalan


“Galina’s approach to surround the whole topic with compassion has made this journey so much kinder. The activities were all meaningful and brough me new awareness! Thank you!”

Sue Conklin


“The WHY is what motivates me! Peace With Food taught me my why! Understanding vagus nerve regulation and how it relates to the reason I subconsciously made the choices I used to make was life changing!”

Dr. Liz Hoffer