How do you build a nest for yourself?
A nest for all the aspects of you.
The part of you that wants to be creative, and fill the world with inspiration and joy, and the part of you that’s hurting, and the part of you that loves without limits, and the part of you that is disappointed and afraid. The part of you that knows God, and the part of you that feels he’s forgotten you…
How do you house all of your parts in this precious nest, how do you keep them safe and secure, seen, felt and held….
The nest is the image I get when I think about the internal structures we need to meet life – however it shows up, whatever it asks.
If you build your nest strong enough, it can weather anything. And of course, if it’s not – you will find yourself doing anything to fortify it so you feel at least a little more stable in the moment.
It took me years to find out this nest building is not a solitary task. It took many helpers, and many friends, for my structure to grow and feel steady enough. Enough that it could fall from a tree in a storm, and stay whole, and keep me whole within it.
So if you find yourself struggling, and reaching for the comfort of food, or other ways to soothe – be it exercise, shopping, scrolling, drinking, be it dreaming up new loves, know that your future structures are calling you forth.
Something in you is asking you to build your nest, something in you is asking that you show up and take care of you.