The Transformed collective is a membership program for graduates of the Peace with Food Transformation Groups.

You’ve just spent 6 months learning, practicing and wiring your nervous system for deeper capacity, safety and connection. Now is the time to live what you have learned.

Through teaching, collective calls and presencing sessions, you will continue to deepen your connection to yourself and those around you and have a beautiful space to process what life brings your way.

You will sit with me and fellow students who have also been through the Transformation group experience and belong to a group of mindful, bodyful and dedicated humans whose longing for peace with food has brought them to a place of peace with self they never imagined possible.

I hope you join us!

If you are reading this and are a graduate who wants to join the collective, you know how to contact me.

If you are someone interested in a Transformation group or you simply want to know more about the ways I can support you I invite you to schedule a free Peace with food call.

In peace with food: