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Orienting with Images Download

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Hyper and Hypoarousal downloadable pdf

Hyper and Hypoarousal Chart

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Chapter 7 – The gift of oxygen

Daily tension check

Silent breathing

Alligator Breathing

Voo Breathing

Chapter 8  – Orient In Orient Out

Orienting through the 5 senses

Panoramic vision

Orienting to the body through comforting touch

Inner Body Mapping

Chapter 9 – Make space for emotions

Build a physical structure – arms and legs like drainpipes

Find a sense of easy in the body

Let emotions rise and spread

Orienting to the body through comforting touch

Bilateral Drawing

Emotional eating SOS

Chapter 10 – Master Your Thoughts

3 synch

Chapter 11 – Reclaim Your Boundaries

Mother Earth Father Sky

String Boundary

Reclaiming the Skin Boundary

Chapter 11 – Reclaim Your Boundaries

10 Steps to Better Breathing by Waking Up Your Cranial Nerves

Abdominal massage

Psoas release

Explore Charge and Collapse

Roll, rock and crawl

Tracking connection and disconnection